Saturday, August 30, 2008


Assistant Village Idiot:
It is toleration of dissent which makes America great, not dissent itself. There is dissent in all nations, even if only under the breath or published anonymously. To claim that dissent is noble in itself, or even "the highest form of patriotism," is rather like claiming that because you are innocent until proven guilty, the most law-abiding thing you can do is act suspicious.


Geoffrey Britain said...

The 'protesters' at the recent democratic convention are proof positive of your assertion.

If ONLY Russia would invade San Francisco...perhaps we could lure them with the offer of 24 hours of unhindered rape and pillage?

Along with the address of every member of code pink of course...

Anonymous said...

The $500 billion deficit the "conservative" Republicans are leaving the nation might be worthy of concern. Hypocrisy seems socially acceptable among Republicans.