Friday, July 11, 2008

Chart of the Day

From former television meteorologist (for 25 years), now blogger, Anthony Watts:

source: Watts Up With That?

For those preferring words to graphs, EU Referendum summarizes:
We have had no warming for eleven years [and] the current global temperature is the lowest it has been since 1999.
(via Wolf Howling)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I am reading increasingly that the average temperature of Europe is slightly higher, which has them concerned that their local phenomenon is global (typical European ethnocentrism). American progressives, strong believers that Europeans are always right, follow suit.

MaxedOutMama said...

The one temperature indicator that diverges from that list is not shown. That is GISS, which is Hansen's baby. From that, a cynical person might conclude that Hansen has a reason for wanting to suppress all non-Hansen source public discussion of CO2-induced AGW. It's at times like these that one should pause to reflect upon the supreme human wisdom contained in the American Constitution.

I do disagree with one aspect of the People's Cube explanation on your last post. I'm convinced that the IPCC CO2-induced AGW catastrophe has been falsified as a theory by observation. So it's not just a flip of the coin - it's a debunked theory. CO2 does play some role in the climate, but not the one the carbon bugs claim.

Carl said...


I know that U.S. temp records are skewed by the urban heat island effect, and I assume European measurements are similarly flawed. I never thought about the fact that Blue-State mimicry of Euros contributes to the problem.


I've closely followed your posts on why blaming CO2 reverses cause and effect and the role of solar activity. I suspect you're right--but after researching both sides of the issue for, literally, months, I'm still uncertain. And I hate to blog unless I'm certain.

OBloodyHell said...

> European measurements are similarly flawed

There's a relevant part of Europe which isn't urban any more?


> I suspect you're right--but after researching both sides of the issue...

Well, the link between sunspot cycles and global temperatures existed back in the 70s... then it tied to global cooling, mind you...

And while people did call for various expensive activities to deal with the issues suggested by fear of global cooling, they didn't generally involve shutting down the Western economic engine by shoving ecopotatoes up the tailpipe.

From the article provided by the commenter -- the graph in fig. 2 shows a curve from "Mann". This would be the same Mann that created the infamously wrong "Hockey Stick" graph, I assume... and whose shape, known to be inaccurate, is closely followed by the one additional curve they choose to use.

Doesn't fly -- sorry.

The article may have some validity, but Mann and Hansen have both shown themselves as utterly willing to manipulate the numbers to sell their points. As such, I categorically reject any article which uses them as justification or presents anything they have EVER done as serious. In some older cases, the authors can be forgiven trusting them because their perfidy was unknown. But as of 5 years ago, Mann was discredited, and, as of about a year ago, Hansen was discredited. Anyone who continues to use them as a source (including indirectly), without a particularly carefully expressed justification, are subject to automatic discounting as serious objects for discussion. Anything those two have worked on, or which has been based on their work, is specious and questionable. I'd sooner ask Al Gore for his opinion on the matter.

Mann and Hansen are to science what Jimmy Carter is to politics:

Ask them what they think, then point yourself 180 degrees in the opposite direction -- because that way lies Truth.