Saturday, May 24, 2008

Slow Leak

Right Wing News' John Hawkins explains "Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President". Hint: it's about immigration. Hawkins' follow-up here.


OBloodyHell said...

> Right Wing News' John Hawkins explains "Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President".

Then Hawkins is an idiot. No matter how bad McCain is, he's a damned sight better than Obama.

If Obama gets elected, he will turn out to be a bigger disaster than Carter. Thanks, but I lived through that once already. I'd rather not repeat the displeasure.

OBloodyHell said...

BTW, to justify the above claim about Obama-as-PotUS:

Obama, Kennedy, and the Disturbing Matter of a Dog

The man will suck in every possible way if he becomes PotUS.

Anyone who voluntarily (by not voting against him) stands by and lets him gain office is as big a fool as Obama is. He epitomizes the brain dead witlessness of the modern Democratic party.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Hawkins is reading the entrails of a goat about McCain's immigration stance. He wants McCain to say things exactly this way and not that way, or he doesn't believe him. Hawkins may turn out to be right, of course, but the evidence is too slender for the hyperbole he writes.

bobn said...

Hawkins clarifies in A "I'm Not Voting For McCain" Follow-Up Post.

I am utterly against open borderrs and any form of legalization/amnesty. It is stunning to me that none of the candidates favor border security or rule of law.

I was *glad* when conservative republicans torpedoed Kennedy-McCain last year. (And I don't side with conservative republicans too often.) I hope we still have enough of them in the Senate in 2009 to do it again.

The damn Democrats pander to Hispanics (who vote against their own interests in favor of this abomination) while the Republicans try to pander to Hispanics and do pander to Big Business, who want an endless supply of cheap labor.

I have no idea who I'll vote for for president. I hate them all.