Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Connected? I Think So!

1) Via Iraq Coalition Casualties Count, further evidence America is winning:

Coalition Casualties, Past 12 Months (click to enlarge)

CDR Salamander wonders: "were is the MSM on this?"

2) Via the Taipei Times, quoting the president of the French National Library, Jean-Noel Jeanneney, further evidence France is losing:
He grew alarmed last December when he read that Google planned to scan 15 million English-language books and make them available as digital files on the Web. In his view, the move would further strengthen American power to set a global cultural agenda.

"I am not anti-American, far from it," Jeanneney, 62, said in an interview in his office in the library's new headquarters overlooking the Seine river. "But what I don't want is everything reflected in an American mirror. When it comes to presenting digitized books on the Web, we want to make our choice with our own criteria." . .

Specifically, Jeanneney said he fears that Google's version of the universal library will place interpretation of French and other Continental European literature, history, philosophy and even politics in US hands. This, he says, represents a greater peril than, say, American movies, television or popular music.
(via Cheat Seeking Missiles and Templar Pundit)


Daniel at Bloggledygook wonders: "Uh, le Google. Is Google masculine or feminine?"

Still More:

Jody at Steal the Bandwagon: "I almost feel sorry for liberals. What will they complain about if Bush's foreign policy initiatives really do succeed?"


Daniel said...

So funny, so typically French.

Daniel said...

Hey Carl not to be too French about it, but my name is actually Daniel. Uness somebody named Brian has absconded with my website. Which wouldn't be so good for them...

Carl said...

Whoops, sorry. Corrected. And I like your web site too much to call you French.