Monday, May 14, 2012


Obama's recent changed position, explained by Glenn Thrush and Jennifer Epstein in the the May 10th Politico:
The core of their argument against Mitt Romney is that he is an untrustworthy politician with no real core of conviction. Obama’s advisers -- who are acutely conscious of the media’s criticism despite their professed contempt for the news cycle -- simply couldn’t afford to have the president appear like a coward on the front and editorial pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post, according to senior Democrats.
Tim Stanley in the May 11th Telegraph (U.K.):
Here’s the problem with the press coverage of Barack Obama: the mainstream media is so overwhelmed by his charisma that they often miss the important details. Every decision, speech, policy statement or impromptu visit to the bathroom is presented as a piece of "history" -- the dawn of a new era. The Prez could go seal-clubbing and much of the media would see it as a new epoch for winter sports. "Barack Obama Becomes the First President to Kill Six Seals in Under One Minute," the New York Times would proudly report, while Twitter would be all abuzz with how hot he looks in snow shoes.
(via Best of the Web, reader Doug)


OBloodyHell said...

yeah, he's got the inverse of that old meme about "If I could fly, people would be going 'What? Bird Imitations?', and if I walked on water they'd go 'What, can't you swim?'"

The Great Big 0 has the inverse of that. If he takes a walk, it's "The Wunder has his feet firmly planted on the ground." and if he takes a swim it's "Mr. O dared to swim in waters where sharks have been seen recently." (last actual shark sighting within 20 miles, 1949)...

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Loved the quote from Tim Stanley -- "the Prez could go seal-clubbing" guess I'll have to follow the link & take a look at his work.

PS- Carl, how are you doing? Any improvement?

Carl said...

A_N_M: Still alive; getting better (slowly)--but crazy busy at work. Thanks for asking!