Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Poll and Pessimism

Sorry for going dark. It's been a perfect storm of overwork, worsening ill health and throw-in-the-towel pessimism about Republican chances in November. The combination forced me into a media black-out -- I've quit reading newspapers, blogs, etc. -- and it's difficult to blog when weak, depressed and uninformed. Stuck in dead zone between the Superbowl and Opening Day doesn't help. Thankfully, my job has been interesting and "on the side of the angels"--but I can't write about it here.

Anyway, John Hawkins of Right Wing News conducted another GOP 2012 presidential nominee poll. (Hawkins at one point endorsed Gingrich; I have no idea who he's supporting now.) The results: Mitt Romney seems to have become the consensus choice of conservative bloggers, if only barely.

I was among the bloggers polled. I voted for Mitt Romney over all other candidates. Question 6 gave only Santorum and Gingrich as options; I went with Santorum, mostly because I think Gingrich certifiably nuts.

Question 5 was the most interesting:

5) Which of the following candidates would you prefer as the GOP's nominee?

A) Mitt Romney

B) An as of yet unknown candidate selected at a brokered convention

I went with "B". So did 53 percent of the bloggers polled. Romney would be a good President, but he's been a terrible candidate. For years I've wanted Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to run against Obama. But at this point, it's a fantasy--the last brokered convention for a major party was almost a century ago (1920 Republicans).

Which brings me to Question 7:

7) Who do you think is more likely to win in November?

A) The GOP's nominee

B) Barack Obama

I went with "B". Never mind that Obama's an incapable (deficit up to $1.1 trillion) hypocrite who lives in the unicorn world. Never mind that most of the money goes to entitlements, and the costs of (at least one part of) Obamacare have doubled in a year (see page 12). Never mind that the President used fuzzy math to bury those costs in his latest budget. Never mind that Obama's doomed foreign policy is to make other counties "love" him:

source: Don Surber

Never mind that this allows Iran to continue to build nuclear weapons. Never mind why Iran wants nukes. . .

But Republicans didn't shoot ourselves in the foot, we aimed directly at our collective heads. The sole remaining question is: who gets to pull the trigger?

Wake me up in time for the Christie Administration. I'll blog intermittently through January 20, 2017.


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

My local paper had a smallish headline on one of the inside pages: "Obama to Netanyahu: I won't allow Iran to acquire nukes"

Laughed my head off.

How is Prezzdent Pissypants going to accomplish that? -- Voodoo? Maybe he'll just command some of those unicorn-skittles to fly off to Ahmadinnerjacket and change his fluffy little mind?


Warren said...

The other side of the argument:

No, the GOP is not doomed in 2012

OBloodyHell said...

>>> How is Prezzdent Pissypants going to accomplish that? -- Voodoo?

Awww, don't be mean, he's just following through on the Foreign Policy of his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

OBloodyHell said...

Patterico thinks you're wrong, too: