Friday, February 10, 2012

Those who cannot remember the past. . .

. . . are condemned to have it repeated to their detriment. Like after the Obama Administration announced America would exit Afghanistan in 2013, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy promptly trumped that ace by announcing a pull-out by the end of this year.

Enter National Public Radio -- stage left, of course -- and cue Hussian Khan, head of the provincial council in Kapisa, Afghanistan:
You can't fight a war if you think there will be no casualties. We were not expecting such a shameful reaction from a highly developed country like France. They should step up their fight, not just retreat so disgracefully.
I briefly considered adding a link-filled sentence listing French outrages, but The Simpsons's Groundskeeper Willie said it best: "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

(via reader Josh A.)

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OBloodyHell said...

by announcing a pull-out by the end of this year.

The French are always promising to pull out. The real key is realizing they never put it in. They just did and told you it was great.