Sunday, January 08, 2012

Program Notes

No improvement in health; expect light blogging this week.


KitWistar said...

Its those @#*&^-ing triggers, Carl! Its been driving me nuts---the dizziness lurking in my peripheral vision.
Atmospheric pressures have been jumping all over the place recently, accompanied by dramatic drops in humidity. Its really been
awful, actually.

I learned this some months ago---Tho' it seems like it wouldn't, swimming relaxed, steady laps for a half-hour or so a couple of times a week provides some relief for me when there are [atmospheric] triggers .Maybe inner ear fluids slosh along with the pool water movement, who knows? Might work for you, too. Lots of good pools in DC.
( At the recommendation of a colleague who’s a Triathlete/Ironman, I wear a lycra racing cap underneath a silicon cap, both pulled well down over my ears to keep water out.)

@BobinLA &OBH—thanks for the very entertaining nerd-athon! BinLA: no comic books allowed in my childhood, either, except Tintin & Beccasine.

MaxedOutMama said...

I'm so sorry, Carl.