Sunday, December 11, 2011

Program Notes

Ok, I'm serious this time: light to little blogging next week. That's because I wrote only one post after Wednesday when I went off anti-nausea medications in advance of Friday's ENG test. During that period, I wasn't able to look at a computer screen, so I've got nothing prepared.


Carl said...

Fortunately, I can look at TV screens. So two words: Tim Tebow.

suek said...

Heh. We still have the tv-computer my son bought at one point. He left it when he moved on. It's _very_ old now - as computers go - but it still works. It also has a wireless keyboard, so that he could sit on his bed, and either use it as a tv watching cable shows, use a dvd with it, or use it as a computer entering stuff from his keyboard.

It's very large - about a 36 inch screen...

Maybe I should send it to you???