Sunday, December 04, 2011

Program Notes

Fewer posts next week--still not feeling up to it.


KitWistar said...

Still no better? not at all? Are there any new triggers you can think of?

Have you considered acupuncture?
It couldn't hurt & since its usually done lying down with eyes closed anyway...who knows? It MIGHT help, and at this point-----well, what I DO know is how desperate ( & crappy) you feel. I've never tried it for this, but why not?

Luckily, there are lots of certified acupuncturists in the DC metro area.

Carl said...

Thanks, Kit. The problem was I wound up working yesterday, and had to rest afterwords. I have tried acupuncture, though only twice since this started. I'm convinced the key trigger is shifting focus between near and far. The second trigger is computer screens. Still, at this point, the most important thing is my ENG test this coming Friday.

Meanwhile, you've inspired me on some education ideas, and to plan (haven't outlined) a "best Christmas music" post. But Sunday is NFL Red Zone day. . .

Anonymous said...

Carl, get better!

KitWistar said...

You said it, Anonymous!

Carl---The backing and forthing near and far is one of the main triggers, always! And computer screens, of course.
IF you do these eye movements slowly, like if you are reading and sort of look up to ponder, not really looking AT anything--does the nausea & stuff occur then?
Does it occur when you write longhand? Works for me, sometimes-- my eyes are staying put more.

Can you dictate for now? Would some kind of voice recognition software work and then you could avoid the worst of the visual triggers? ( I'm not entirely clear what you do, so don't know if this is possible)
Friday can't come soon enough, I know.

Looking forward to your ed
inspirations & will compare notes on the best Christmas music.

Carl said...

Kit: I'll try slower eye movements.

I have tried longhand (which was far less of a trigger, though even I can't read my writing). I've tried looking at my fingers, not the screen, when typing--fine for drafting; unworkable on email/the web. I could in theory dictate or try voice recognition software--both would require assimilation of terms of art (I'm an international telecoms lawyer).

But I'm a 70+ WPM touch typist. Your alternatives would work to some extent--but at huge costs in efficiency.

At present, the nausea and vertigo seems to be as much of a mental impairment as anything--not as quick a thinker or speaker, huge deterioration in what formerly was near-perfect memory. Frankly, I could survive vertigo and nausea--but not feeble analysis and output.

Do you have similar symptoms? If so does the mental sluggishness abate when your vertigo isn't triggered?

Christmas music post will be out Saturday. Education will take somewhat longer; btw, AVI is right to recommend Steve Sailer--most famous post here.

KitWistar said...

Carl--this is quick, more later.
The mental sluggishness sounds pretty familiar:like your brain can't be vertiginous and quick at the same time. Like you, I loathe feeling feeble-minded or muddle-headed. Also, like you, I have an astonishing memory.
MOSTLY that sluggish stuff is gone for me now since the vertigo tends to be quite fleeting these days, except when I have weather triggered headache/nausea or when I'm motion sick: No matter what, I cannot seem to get my head to concentrate on or remember anything much and it feels like I'm retarded or thinking through mud. This sounds like what you have now. I hate it. Can you drive yet? Or are you still too dizzy & muddled?
Read the Sailer piece, more on that soon.

OBloodyHell said...

Good luck, dude. Sorry I can't do much more.