Thursday, December 08, 2011

Photo of 2012

The title's no typo. Unless Newt bests Romney in the primaries -- Gingrich now leads some national polls -- the mainstream media will run this on page one every day 'till November 6th:

source: Boston Globe

caption: Despite the pressures at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney kept the atmosphere loose. One year, after posing for a photo for a firm brochure, the partners did another take, the second time holding $10 and $20 bills. From left, Fraser Bullock, Eric A. Kriss, Joshua Bekenstein, Mitt Romney, Coleman Andrews, Geoffrey S. Rehnert, and Robert F. White.

To be honest, you can't blame the media for this one.

1 comment:

Warren said...

They won't run it every day. They'll alternate it with photos of Romney in Mormon underwear.

This is what Obama wears.