Friday, December 09, 2011

Electile Disfunction

Item: The Federal government uses the Healthcare Common procedure Coding System (HCPCS) to classify the medical services (Level I) and medical equipment and supplies (Level II) that may be covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Item: The 2011 list of HCPCS codes includes (page 34) code L7900--"vacuum erection system."

Item: A "vacuum erection system" is more commonly known as a "penis pump" and is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Item: The American Urology Association (at 1-18) calls penis pumps "effective, low-cost treatment options for select patients with ED. These devices are available without a prescription." (Even stocked by Amazon.)

Item: In 2010, "vacuum erection systems" ranked 117th in "allowed charges" among medical equipment and supplies, with compensation totaling over $47 million for the year (page 3).

Item: According to Ben Domenech at the Heartland Institute, Medicare has spent over $240 million of taxpayer money for "vacuum erection systems" in the past decade. (I didn't check the math--data for the past three years are here.)

Item: As Daily Caller's Jim Treacher says, "Your tax dollars are still, um, hard at work."


Bob in LA said...

Excellent post. Reboog Worthy.

One thing to add here is to show what the gov't could have spent $300M on instead... like school lunches for kids or something the liberals love more than penis pumps... if you can find anything that liberals love more than penis pumps.

Warren said...

At least Government Motors isn't making the pumps. Like the Volt, penises could go up in flames.

OBloodyHell said...

LOL, Warren.

OBloodyHell said... new meaning to "be flaming", don't it?

KitWistar said...

Carl, where DO you find this stuff?
And I bet the same doesn't apply to dildos.
@ Bob----if its not school lunches or penis pumps, its their Priuses

Bob in LA said...

Priii, ir would be. :)

You have a good point about dildo's.

Soon enough the Title IX lobby will be demanding equal vibrator funding. When they do, we won't be needing as many penis pumps

njef said...

compared to how much shelled out for Viagra?

OBloodyHell said...

Hey, when it's all about self-esteem, why would it not be perfectly A-OK to take care of men's erections as a function of government?

I'm still waiting for my Medicare hooker!!