Friday, October 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Candidates

In the Right Corner, meet Joe Wurzelbacher for Congress, 9th Ohio.  (The Fightin' Ninth!)

"Maybe we need some regular guys in there"
Here is what he said in a television appearance:
"I like the idea of it -- just regular Americans running. If a regular guy runs, right away the media's going to attack him," Wurzelbacher said. "What kind of education does he have? What does he know about this? My answer to that is, regular Americans aren't experts, but dammit, look where the experts have gotten us. Maybe we need some regular guys in there. That's what I've been doing the past two and a half years, just encouraging regular Americans to run. Tell the liberal media to go to hell and I don't care what you guys say about me, I'm going to try to fix this country."
Those sound like modest claims.  Nothing fancy there.  By the way, in 2008 I dressed up as Joe the Plumber for Halloween. It was such an authentic costume I got into the bars by skipping the line and telling the doorman I was responding to an emergency stoppage. I think Joe has a point about plunging the crap out of Washington. Great platform: elect a regular guy, look where the so-called experts have gotten us. Well, I'd like to know more, but I like what I see so far.

Now, in the Left Corner, Joanne Dowdell for the New Hampshire First District.  She voted for President Downgrade Obama at the DNC because "He’s the only one with the proven judgement and leadership skills to get the job done" and because she didn't "like paying $4 a gallon for gas."  Her campaign platform is pretty much President Obama's platform as well.

Joanne Dowdell on the Left* at the 2008 DNC

On her Facebook page we find about her likes, and on her campaign page, you can find out her claim that she "has decades of experience creating jobs and growing the economy."

Well, I guess that sounds pretty good too.  Except, it appears to be a complete fabrication, from her resume on her Linkedin page.   Joanne had a couple leftist jobs in corporate responsibility, and an employment gap of almost ten years.  It doesn't speak to a businesswoman who ever created a single job.

Bottom line on Joanne Dowdell?  She praises President Obama's platform, is running as a progressive democrat, and falsely claims to have decades of job creation experience.  She has no chance at getting elected at this time.  Even Kos thinks it's pointless.  No one running on President Obama's legacy of failure can win, not even President Obama!  He's going to run on a moderate platform, an 'experienced' man and maybe having started another war in Iran.  If Joanne Dowdell is elected to Congress I will wear a Joanne Dowdell costume for Halloween.  (If she loses, she can wear a Bob in LA costume.)  The next election will be a landslide for conservatives.

So, if she has no chance, why would she run?

Well, it's apparently a pretty good living being a candidate.  That's what is on her resume now, "Candidate for Congress" and she raised at least $105,000 in just the last few months.  I have no idea how much she is making on these bumper stickers, or what kind of salary her campaign is paying her, but it looks like just running for Congress pays pretty well.

Well there you have it... a leftist running on Obama's shredded and failed agenda, and the man on the right with the plunger wanting to flush all that down the drain.  Which one sounds more appealing?

You make the call.

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