Friday, October 07, 2011


Some conservatives, frustrated by the lack of a Presidential candidate with a commitment to smaller government and individual liberties, are scanning for substitutes. Last week, Rush Limbaugh touted freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). The Miami-born 40 year old Rubio served eight years in the state legislator, rising to Speaker of the Florida House.

The right loves Rubio; the left's long been frightened of facing him (though an NPR/New Republic reporter once called him "reasonable," a possible kiss-of-death).

I'm here to praise Rubio, not to bury him. But he's not seeking the Presidency, and won't this time. On the other hand, I predict Rubio will be the Republican VP candidate no matter who's at the top of the ticket. Think about it:
1) Movement/economic conservatives love him--second choice for disappointed Christie fans

2) Social conservatives love him

3) Catholic--plus acceptable to evangelicals (some remain uncomfortable with Romney)

4) Hispanic, and the son of immigrants--which could help in purple states such as Colorado and New Mexico

5) From a state we must win

6) Not WASPy-looking, as are Romney and Perry

7) Even with Perry, the two can't dismiss as "two Southerners"--Rubio doesn't look or talk Southern

8) In the unlikely event of Bachmann being nominated, Rubio still provides balance for the ticket, while being junior enough possibly to accept a suicide mission

9) Would annihilate Biden in the debate

10) Oh, hugely qualified.
What's not to like?

Yes, some worry he's too young:
I want the best possible Rubio if and when he does become president someday down the line. And, for that, I think a few more years won’t hurt. . . [L]et’s not encourage Rubio to waste his talents on a throwaway election (or in a throwaway position like the vice presidency). Let’s wait for him to run when he’s ready.
And Rubio himself disclaims interest in VP slot. But I'm certain he'll be asked--and bet he'll accept.

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OBloodyHell said...

>>> 9) Would annihilate Biden in the debate

A rabid six year old high on Oxycontin would annihilate Biden in debate.

Not setting the bar high, are ya?


suek said...

He's an impressive young man. I hope that they will do a complete vetting on his "natural born" status before committing to offering him a VP or Pres candidacy.

Same with Jindal. I think both of them might have problems, and if not, problems might be jinned up at some critical point. It's ok for Obama, you understand, but a Republican candidate? No way.

So I hope they dig in and get all the possible accusations out in the open right from the start, and make sure everything is on the up and up.