Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Media Bias of the Day

via Ace of Spades
We are familiar with the media bias against the Tea Party.  From the beginning, the focus is on discrediting the Tea Party by any means, including false charges of Racism.  From the early founding of the Tea Party, MSNBC falsely labeled a black, gun toting Tea Party rally attendee as a white supremaciist.  He was black!  (Perhaps he was a black white supremacist?)

Fast forward today, the media is quick to greenlight any false allegation of racism, no matter how transparent.  It serves their needs, and NewsBusters has over five hundred stories documenting the bias.  The truth is never their goal.

Now an actual report from a UCLA Grad Student documenting the Tea Party message.  (Remember, this is the work the media is supposed to do.)  "Emily Ekins, a graduate student at UCLA, conducted the survey at the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington last month by scouring the crowd, row by row and hour by hour, and taking a picture of every sign she passed."  The results:
Ekins photographed about 250 signs, and more than half of those she saw reflected a "limited government ethos," she found - touching on such topics as the role of government, liberty, taxes, spending, deficit and concern about socialism. Examples ranged from the simple message "$top the $pending" scrawled in black-marker block letters to more elaborate drawings of bar charts, stop signs and one poster with the slogan "Socialism is Legal Theft" and a stick-figure socialist pointing a gun at the head of a taxpayer.
There were uglier messages, too - including "Obama Bin Lyin' - Impeach Now" and "Somewhere in Kenya a Village is Missing its Idiot." But Ekins's analysis showed that only about a quarter of all signs reflected direct anger with Obama. Only 5 percent of the total mentioned the president's race or religion, and slightly more than 1 percent questioned his American citizenship.
So the Tea Party Message is smaller government... wow, what a surprise.

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MaxedOutMama said...

Who could have known?

I wonder what a similar count of Occupy Wall Street signs would look like?

Bob in LA said...

Great question MoM!

Perhaps our grad student needs a post-doc :)

bobn said...

And here I thought nobody was actually reading me anymore.

Funny how that works.

And yes, the media bias is beyond belief.

It is already having its effects - black violence targetting white people is becoming a common occurrence in "post-racial" America. I think the continuous cries of "racism" feed this, though there may be other factors.

If/When 0bama is repudiated in 11/2012, there may well be a firestorm. I'll be on my roof with a FAL.