Monday, October 24, 2011

Blogging Notes

You should be aware that Carl has on the order of 4,000-4,500 posts here on NOfP  I have something in the high double digit range, less than 100.  That's about two orders of magnitude less than Carl.  Nor do I have the organizational skills that Carl possesses, and mine are pretty good.  He's truly amazing to have created all this material.   (Ok, yes I know, before you comment on it, even well if I exclude QOTD its still in the thousands.) 

These last two weeks of blogging have taught me something, if nothing else, that I lack humility.  In the process of researching posts, I re-read some of Carl's blog and I'm amazed.  I can't do justice to Carl.  My style is different.  I'm not a lawyer, my background is in astrodynamics and finance.  I'm opinionated, and my greatest claim to fame is that I claim to know nearly everything about absolutely nothing.  Still that hasn't stopped me from trying.  It's a lot of work blogging even the one-post-a-day that I can manage to eek out.  Thanks for  the comments they are appreciated. 

Now for a mea-culpa.  In April of 2009, I issued a *sell* pronouncement on  the stock market.  In hindsight, that was horrible timing, the market rallied about 50% in the next few years and it was actually one of the buying opportunities of the decade.  Well, I followed my own advice then, and furthermore, subsequently bought into the market at a recent peak.  Doh!  

I have not made a good movement in the market since I stopped to use the men's room at EFHutton back in 2000.

Carl will be returning shortly, in the meantime, I will continue to do my fallible best.


Anonymous said...

What you do is appreciated.

bobn said...


It could be worse.

I sold out of the stock market in 1988 and never got back in.

Then I bought a house in November 2005. (Shortly thereafter, I started reading about something called a "housing bubble".)

I did buy some gold asd silver in early 2009, though, but not enough :(

Bob in LA said...

To the anon that expressed appreciation, thank you.

Bobn even the best portfolio managers only get timing right about 60% of the time...

How is your family? The really important things?