Sunday, September 18, 2011

Program Notes

My health requires a weekend off and, because that's when I do the majority of my writing, a few days off from blogging.


Whitehall said...


No posts for awhile? Whaaa.

Ever thought of taking on a co-blogger? Others do that to advantage since a stream of new posts keep people coming back for more.

Take care - nothing is more precious than one's health.

OBloodyHell said...

a) Take it easy, Carl. While you will be greatly missed for your time off, it would be worse still if you got ill for a long time. So take the time you must.

b) Whitehall: He's tried, but it's difficult to find someone to do it reliably whom you can count on, and whose editorial intention is in line with your own sufficiently that you can/will tolerate what differences there are. I'd do it (if he wanted me to) but don't want to spend anywhere near the time it needs to do correctly, so I'm not a good option, though he and I (I believe) concur on a lot of things. He tried to do it with another guy a couple years ago, but that fell out, too, for reasons I'm not fully privy to and so can't/won't speculate on it. Just personality differences, in the end, I believe.

The biggest problem with blogging well, and that's what Carl does, is that it's pretty much like putting out a newspaper -- the work has to be done almost every day, can't be ignored if you're not in the mood, and MUST reflect a measure of timeliness (if there's a terrorist attack in the UK, that may overshadow all that time you spent writing up a piece on The Big 0's newest foreign policy snafu. When you're a newspaper staff with multiple people doing the work, you can bite down and run that story on page 10.

When you're alone, you have a lot less extra time to devote to the new info that has suddenly become far more relevant -- you'd already used up your spare time on that now-page-10 piece.

So give Carl your applause, all you lurkers. He works hard and you reap the benefits on a steady basis.

If he decides to quit, there will always be five others you can turn to -- but few will do stuff as rigorously as he does, nor will they provide the same insight he does, even if what takes its place is "ok".

In short:

Thanks, Carl!

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Take care of YOU first.

After all, we'll still be here (and with whetted appetites!) when you decide you're ready get back to the daily grind.