Saturday, July 16, 2011


Energy Secretary Steven Chu, on a press conference call, opposing a House bill to repeal the upcoming ban on incandescent bulbs, quoted in the Wall Street Journal:
We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.
As Chris Fountain quips, "isn’t that what government is for, to take away the choices stupid people would otherwise make?" According to progressives. . .

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OBloodyHell said...

Remember that WONderful Audi Superbowl commercial, in which the Green Police are there to enforce the regulations, like the JACKBOOTED #$%#$%^#$ THUGS we know environmental types to be...?

Would've been a great joke, except the dumbass Euros didn't actually understand why it was a joke -- that buying their Green Audi is a sop to the Green Police, rather than lining them up against the wall and shooting every last sonovabitchin' one of them, like an American should respond to such behavior.

Anonymous said...

I want my incandescent light bulbs. The new kind could have a negative effect on vision for those who read under their lighting. Government has no right to take away our right to buy incandescent light bulbs, if we want them. I want them. I like the light they produce better than the light the new bulbs produce and I suspect incandescent lighting is easier on the eyes.
Let the government be a single-payer for health care so the insurance companies don't suck the people dry of their few dollars remaining after the oil companies suck the dollars from the wallets of people. Leave our light bulbs out of this. Thanks.