Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Assistant Village Idiot:
In a comment likely to offend just about everyone, I dislike Sarah Palin for just about the same reasons I dislike Barack Obama. She intentionally touches on cultural symbols as substitute for content. I feel more comfortable with Obama's symbols, and certainly, most of the people I know hail from crowds that would be Barack-symbolic rather than Sarah symbolic. But either way, both draw their support from people who really want a full-out culture war -- with the other side defeated, humiliated, enslaved. And both are sure that this is exactly what the country needs. Do you think we need more presidents who ride motorcycles and shoot wolves, or more presidents who are embarrassed to be Americans in front of Europeans? Would you rather be a Lilliputian or a Blefuscuan? [NOfP note: Gulliver's Travels reference]. . .

Both "Obama" and "Palin" still show up as red-line misspellings in my blogger dictionary, and I ain't a-gonna change it by adding them in. My own little petty protest.
The comments on his post are worth a read.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thank you.

OBloodyHell said...

I mildly disagree with him. Comments posted at his thread.

I don't think Palin can win or succeed, the libtards'll just frothingly oppose her as they did Bush, and, unless she gets a GOP-Congress that isn't filled with spineless jellyfish in the face of loudmouthed pointless opposition, I don't see any chance of success.

HOWEVER, for the time being, she should be supported as a lightning rod for all the imbecility of the Left, so that other equally or better qualified candidates can get their bona fides placed in the public eye without getting the Bushitler meme smeared all over them. People like, oh, Christie, who seems to have the kind of balls we need in a PotUS for the next 8 years.