Thursday, May 19, 2011


Assistant Village Idiot dissecting Noam Chompsky and other deranged progressives:
Whatever happens, it is the West, especially America, especially capitalism that is at fault. There is never even a 1% deviation from this line, and as I have noted, an inability to see even a 1% reasonableness in another POV is itself pathological.

If there is a rape, then America was wearing short skirts, unless they were the active party, in which case they were violent and conscienceless rapists. If America is trading with a country and it does something evil, it was because of their contact with America, but if we don't trade with them, that is the cause. If we are on good terms with a government, then we are complicit in any of its evil acts. If we do not support it, then it is still not at fault, because we have driven them to extremism in opposition.
Agreed--and, as I have said, "such legislated self-loathing presumes everyone a victim; infants without the free will to be assigned blame or the responsibility to better one's self or society."

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