Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Compare & Contrast

Item -- President Obama, Presidential Memo, July 20, 2010:
President Obama announced today that the Federal Government will reduce greenhouse gas pollution from indirect sources, such as employee travel and commuting, by 13% by 2020. This commitment expands beyond the Administration’s greenhouse gas reduction target from direct sources set in January, 2010, such as Federal fleets and buildings, by 2020. Cumulatively, greenhouse gas pollution reductions from Federal government operations will total 101 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the emissions from 235 million barrels of oil.
Item -- President Obama, December 9, 2010, signed the Telework Enhancement Act, which "require[s] the head of each executive agency to establish and implement a policy under which employees shall be authorized to telework."

Item -- Profile of President Obama's personal trainer, New York Times, February 28, 2011:
Mr. McClellan grew up practicing martial arts, eventually earning a black belt, and as a college student realized that he had a knack for working with people. He owns Naturally Fit, a personal training and wellness center in Chicago, and now spends part of his week in Washington at Mr. Obama’s request.

"It was an easy sell for me, because I thought of it as kind of a duty, to serve the president," said Mr. McClellan, who works out with the first couple, often in the early morning, at the gym in the White House residence. Mr. and Mrs. Obama both try to exercise for at least an hour every day, and Mr. McClellan says he usually sees them two to four times a week, depending on their schedules.
Conclusion: That's right--Obama exhorts us to drive less, but flies his personal trainer in from Chicago every week. Carbon for he but not for thee.

(via Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin)


suek said...

You may find this relevant.


Whitehall said...

And all those public employee union members will be able to "work" at home too - wink wink.

Add in direct deposit of their paychecks and I see tremendous possibilities for fraud.

Carl said...


Whitehall, yup.