Friday, March 11, 2011

And the Answer Is. . .

John Hawkins of Right Wing News sent right-of-center bloggers questions amounting to a "popularity contest" of current (mostly right-wing) politicians, media types and bloggers:
The single most disliked person on the list? It was Meghan McCain who was disliked by 93.8% of the people polled.

The two people who had the highest number of "Strongly liked" responses? Liberals might be surprised to know that the top two vote getters were Allen West and Thomas Sowell. Along the same lines, Marco Rubio tied for the most popular man on the list. But, I thought conservatives were supposed to hate Hispanic Americans?

There were some surprises on the most unpopular list: Christine O'Donnell came in 9th and Mitt Romney was an honorable mention. Is this the guy who's supposed to be the unstoppable establishment front runner?

The most popular people in the poll? It was a surprising four way tie between Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, & John Roberts.
I was one of the bloggers polled. My answers are similar to the over-all results. Those curious about my vote on a specific figure can ask in comments.

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