Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Headlines of the Year

Buzz Feed collects the 50 funniest headlines of 2010, including:
Women skydiver on trial in Belgium for love-triangle parachute murder

Portland man says sports bar off to a great start until a man started shooting customers

1 in 10 Americans prefer colonoscopies to PC security

Woman charged with stealing underwear, cheese
Read 'um all.

(via Jonah Goldberg)

1 comment:

OBloodyHell said...

Why I don't play Farmville...

You meet the nicest people:

Gary A. Veldhuizen, FarmVille Player, Pleads Guilty to Charge of Raping Goat

LOL -- Clearly, a relative seeks more personal revenge in obvious case of mistaken identity: :

Hiker Killed by Aggressive Mountain Goat

Must've been one of the victim's relatives.