Saturday, October 02, 2010


From David Kahane’s new book "Rules for Radical Conservatives", quoted on National Review Online:
Principles are what counts. So stop trying to outdo us by rushing to the microphones with a silly plan to solve every social ill this side of halitosis whenever our pet frogs in the media croak about a new "crisis" in the daily news feed. In fact, forget about programs completely. Just say no! And if we call you out and demand to know -- which we will, you can bet on that, it’s part of the playbook -- the details of your "plan," laugh and tell them to shove it and start talking about principles.

To do otherwise is to accept our premises, which means you have already lost. Instead, stick to the big picture: liberty, self-reliance, faith, freedom.


OBloodyHell said...

maybe its the lack of context but it seems as though he's switching back and forth from the liberal side of that to the conservative one. Most of those comments fit the liberal mantra as well.

Except the part about principles, of course.

Anonymous said...

Better read AFTERSHOCK by Robert Reich. Good explanation of current financial crisis and good explanation of how to get out of it. Too bad Reich is not in a position to do something about this financial mess besides writing his wonderful new book.