Friday, September 17, 2010


Last month, somewhere between "hundreds" (Associated Press) and "thousands" (Detroit News) of postal workers marched through downtown Detroit decrying the proposal to stop Saturday mail delivery and eliminate up to 40,000 postal jobs nationwide. (As I have observed, the post office, an agency of the U.S. Executive Branch, is in terminal decline.) One protester, Kim Sauceda, a 34 year-old Tallevast, Florida, postal "custodian" (whatever that is), was quoted in a Detroit Free Press story complaining:
People have gone from being very confident and sure that this is a lifetime career to now not being so sure.
What--a unionized government worker might be subject to the discipline of the market? Shocked, I'm shocked! As Peter Bella said in a different context:
Government service, on any level, is a privilege not a right. One does not have an inherent right to government employment, especially lifetime government employment.
Just as few employees in the private sector, says Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News, "have the luxury of staying with the same job for years on end."

Just don't tell any USPS "custodians"--they might go postal.

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