Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liberal Media Bias of the Summer

Press partisanship is, of course, the longest-running, under-reported mainstream media story. Remember in 2004 Newsweek editor Evan Thomas admitting that liberal media bias was "worth maybe 15 points" to the Kerry/Edwards campaign? (Thomas later labeled his concession "a stupid thing to say," because the slant only was worth "maybe" 5 points at the polls.)

More recently, Dr. Krauthammer affirmed that "our current rulers and their vast media auxiliary" do a great disservice to this country by making false charges about the majority of America and Americans. Especially making false and "promiscuous charges of bigotry." Let's identify the chief culprits.

First, there's Timothy Egan, who wrote provocatively on the New York Times’ Opinionator blog, that the democrats "have been terrible at trying to explain who they stand for and the larger goal of their governance." Terrible at trying to explain who they stand for? Excuse me -- ah... Mr. Egan... hello? The Democrats have excelled at explaining who they stand for -- they stand for President Obama. They have passed his socialist agenda, including socialist health care. The American People know exactly who the democrats stand for, they stand for Barack Obama.

So now Mr. Egan wants to distance the Democrats from Barack Obama, who has lost the trust of so many people. Like David Letterman, formerly a huge fan, who now mocks him as a "one term president." For another, ultra-liberal Garrison Keillor, who dedicated almost an entire show to President Obama on the occasion of his inauguration. If you heard that show, you heard a series of songs and skits celebrating Obama's Presidency and even bashing the outgoing president. A bit of this can be seen in the flowery rhetoric here. However, Mr. Keillor, like Mr. Letterman, is now slipping in anti-socialist rhetoric into his weekly show. The September 4th show includes a sketch about the absurdity of socialist judges out of a county fair "trying to correct the injustices of the world", after they spent their judicial prowess awarding prizes to the 'deserving' losers who otherwise wouldn't ever win anything.

When liberals like Keillor and Letterman abandon President Obama, he's in serious trouble. The same trouble that eventually faces all socialist ideologies. Initially, there is hope in socialism, people believe 'perhaps there will be something for me'. Yet, socialists fail to win the hearts and minds of the people over the long term, as the reality of socialism takes form, and everyone is a loser. That is why the list of 'formerly socialist' countries dwarfs the list of 'currently socialist'.

Barack Obama is like one of the flashes in the pan that ignite people's hopes. Hopes that there might be something in it for them. Something, if they just give up a little freedom, give a more power to the omnipotent, all knowing leader, well their lives will be better. They never are.

That is also the case here, the press thinks there is something in it for them. Still. With socialism. Be clear, the press has an agenda in supporting socialism. With socialists are in power, they will need a big propaganda mouthpiece, like the main stream media in place to keep America quelled. And that is absolutely true. That is why the MSM supports bigger government and socialism. They yearn for a bigger piece of the pie, and being the mouthpiece for the government is a pretty big piece. Unfortunately, like all those who bring bigger government to power, the press will be consumed by socialism.

Glenn Beck's August 28th "nonpolitical" Washington rally dedicated to "Restoring Honor" to America brought out bushels of bias. An example is this piece by Phillip Elliot, which he published in advance of the rally. The media is keen to portray Beck as a bigot, so the begin the press well ahead. Phil Elliot attempts to lead the reader away from the Beck agenda by painting Beck and tea-partiers as racists, activists, a vocal but unimportant bigoted minority.

He makes references to supposed racist signs seen at tea party events, yet there never are any. For his event, Beck specifically asked attendees not to bring signs. Easy for the media to fabricate non-specifics; easier still for them to attribute some stray and unsanctioned signs to Beck.

The 'reporter' calls Beck a "popular figure among tea party activists." Pillip Elliot is lying through omission. Glenn Beck is much more than popular with a few activists, he is (with Bill O'Reilly) the most popular TV personality in the country. Among Americans. Not just tea party activists, Glenn Beck is more popular than all the liberal television personalities, combined. That is a fact that Phil Elliot does not want you to know. Instead, the clearly stated position Mr. Elliot takes is that Beck has no business speaking on the national mall, not now, not ever, his face does not belong next to Lincoln's face. Especially not on the anniversary of an important MLK speech.

The truth is this: In 1963 the MLK agenda was rightfully one of the most important issues of the day. Yet, America is today struggling to maintain the values that make it a place people want to live -- a place where opportunity and hard work bring rewards. Today, in 2010, the agenda Beck and the Tea Party have, well, it is among the most important issues for America's future. And these issues deserve a hearing.

After the rally, Phillip Elliot follows up with an article that continues his false charges. First, by giving equal billing to the tiny handful of people objecting to the rally. Ah, shouldn't that just be a separate story? Where is the story on the couple hundred thousand people? Mr. Elliot also goes out of the way to call it a 'predominantly white crowd' in the first paragraph. The author's transparent attempts to discredit Beck, and to credit racist bigots like Sharpton, make him an enemy of the country -- an unpatriotic socialist. In fact, Phillip Elliot has a mile-long liberal-assault rap sheet. He honored President Obama as "fact checker in chief." Yet, his false charges of bigotry, and his introduction of racist accusations do nothing to advance the search for truth, only his socialist agenda.

Anything these propagandists can do to discredit America and Americans, they will do. They put President Obama on a pedestal. When that fails, they attempt to distance the democratic party from president Obama. When that fails, they begin a mud-slinging campaign against the tea-party opposition. The liberal assault on America is in full swing. These left-wing mainstream reporters and the left-wing mainstream media believe in socialism. They and socialism are bad for everyone in this country.

Sorry Liberal Media -- The majority of people in America are not violent, they are not racist bigots. They are just not silent. Not anymore.


Lame-R said...

articulate and factual content like this is why I love getting my news from the intartubz. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha - thanks so much for linking to the Garrisson Keillor show about those 'socialist' judges. You clearly didn't understand the humor and you have no insight in Lutheran theology. Keillor is not backpedaling on anything. But then again - I would not expect you to get that, either.

Bob in LA said...

he show referenced here talks about judges "trying to correct the injustices of the world" through "penalizing the gifted, and giving to the needy." This may or may not be part of the Lutheran theology, and I doubt penalizing the gifted is.

However, it certainly is part of the socialist theology.

It doesn't get any more clear what Garrison is talking about when the judge awarded the prize to a " winning goose [that] had no right wing."

In the piece, the judges "were there to make the world right for the under-privileged" Isn't that the slogan of the Obama administration? Or a pretty good paraphrase of it?

Finally, a clear reference to the discontent in America with the current government: "we’re having very serious problems this year. People are simply not accepting the decisions of the judges the way they used to." With reason.

Yes, Garrison recognizes that America rejects Obama.

Thanks for the opportunity to directly quote the show.