Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lawsuit of the Day

Ohio lawyer Kristin Ann Stahlbush has been disbarred for one year for misconduct (para 2):
Respondent, a solo practitioner in Toledo, Ohio, limited her practice primarily to court-appointed work in the juvenile and general divisions of the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas. In early 2007, court personnel discovered that respondent’s billings in the juvenile court were very high and that she had billed the juvenile court for more than 24 hours per day on at least three occasions.
The Supreme Court of Ohio declined to impose a two-year sanction because (para 7) the lawyer was "known by clients, peers, judges, and magistrates as a competent, hard-working attorney who represents her clients zealously."

No wonder we lawyers have a bad reputation--"fraud, deceit, dishonesty [and] misrepresentation" is considered zealous.

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A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Oh, so lawyer-hours billing is supposed to mean REAL ACTUAL HOURS?

It's not like auto-repairs billing where they tell you that the standard time to replace a tail-light is 2.3 hours and if they do it faster I should be glad (even though I PAY for the 2.3 hours) ?

(Maybe her dad was an auto-shop foreman, and she learned how to do "billable hours" at his knee...)

OBloodyHell said...

You know what the lesson will be?

Hire some family as interns and/or paralegals, maybe take on an old retired attorney as a "part-timer", and just increase her excuse for having billable hours.

What's actually amazing here is that some bureacrat
a) Actually cared enough to notice it
b) Actually cared enough to make a stink about it.

She must've majorly ticked one of them off.