Sunday, August 01, 2010

Compare & Contrast

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on the July 25th Meet the Press:
[The President has] proposed to freeze discretionary spending, to keep the overall size of the government at a very modest level as a share of our economy. If you look again at what the president's proposing, he keeps the overall size of government at a very modest level comparable to--lower than what was in the Bush administration, comparable to what President Reagan presided over. That's very important.
Office of Management and Budget, Mid-Session Review, July 23rd:

source: via OMB (page 24-25)

(via TaxProf Blog)


Tim The G-TS said...

Damn you fact checkers!!

Damn you Internet Statisticians!!

Damn you all to hell for exposing my lies!!

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

These people have absolutely NO CLUE that words are supposed to convey information, do they?

To LiberalProgressives, words are merely a tool to be used in the construction of the New State. As a DIY-er might look and say "This screw needs a Philips-head driver" or "Dang' I'm gonna have to replace that bracket", these [expletive deleted]s look at their project and say "This needs a dose of The-Economy's-Doing-Better-All-The-Time", or "Time to break out the We're-Working-Hard-To-Restore-Fiscal-Sanity-After-All-The-Excesses-Of-The-Bush-Administration". Feh.

To hell with ALL of them in Washington. *A-L-L* of them.

ps- word verif = excros

As in, These guys are sure a bunch of excro's

Assistant Village Idiot said...

FWIW, I am increasingly giving the composition of Congress equal weight - or more - to who is president when totting up national economic data. That, and my 18-24 month delay from when they take office/are elected to give time for how well their plans are working, provides me with a somewhat clearer picture, I hope.

OBloodyHell said...

It's too late to fix things, but too early to hang the bastards.

But the latter IS getting REAL CLOSE.

Carl said...

AVI: Pages 3-7 of this support your thesis.