Thursday, July 01, 2010

Modern Definition of "Human Rights"

The self-identified mission of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights includes (automatic translation) "uphold[ing] the Supremacy of Law and Human Rights to support the achievement of a safe life of the people, united, harmonious, peaceful, just, and prosperous." So how does the Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Patrialis Akbar, meet that mission? According to his June 24th interview on Al Jazeera:
I think the Indonesians who are angry at Israel shouldn't fight here and commit bomb attacks here. They should commit bomb attacks in Israel instead. People go there and show their solidarity and become heroes. Only then we respect them. We even give them money if they need it. We give them weapons, we give them money, we'll even take care of their families who stay behind. That's much better than commit attacks in Indonesia and kill innocent people. If they go to Israel, I totally support that.
In its most recent report on human rights in Indonesia, America's State Department concluded that "[t]he government generally respected the human rights of its citizens and upheld civil liberties." Now we know how--by exporting terrorists to Israel. On a one-way ticket.

(via reader Marc)

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A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Ah, yes: Indonesia, land of "moderate Islam" and other fairy tales such as, for instance, our post-racial heal-the-planet President...