Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Exiting Afghanistan--By Winning

Lefties and the media are ecstatic over President Obama's firing General Stanley McChrystal following the Rolling Stone "suicide by interview" where the General slammed Administration officials including the Vice President. I'm pleased too--though not for the same reasons.

Almost exactly a year ago, I opposed McChrystal's new rules of engagement (ROE) for coalition forces in Afghanistan. Those policies put American soldiers in danger, imperiling morale, while excusing terrorist transgressions of international law--which increased the risk of Taliban war crimes against civilians. And it limited deployment to areas already terrorist-free. In short, McChrystal's ROE didn't work.

The incoming commander in Afghanistan, David Petraeus, will review McChrystal's ROE. He is expected to give coalition forces more freedom to respond to terrorist attacks--though the President pretends otherwise.

This leads liberal New York Times columnist Bob Herbert to renew the call for withdrawing from Afghanistan. It makes me more committed to staying, if necessary, beyond Obama's deadline. Though I doubt that was the message Rolling Stone intended to convey.


suek said...

The McChrystal thing has me going backwards and forwards...

Coming from a military background, I know the comments made by his staff members in his presence and apparently not stopped/reprimanded by him were unacceptable. He himself, however didn't make any comments about the administration - just about Holbrooke. Still, he didn't deny responsibility for the unacceptable comments. Then it comes out that he's pretty darn liberal. How/why did a man with very liberal philosophical ideas choose the military and succeed in that career? Was the whole thing actually a plan on his part? Career suicide for the good of the country? But now you're saying the ROE were _his_ rules - I was under the impression that they were handed to him by the Administration.

Guess it'll eventually all come out in the wash - if I live that long - but _darn_ it! I want to know what's going on _now_!!

suek said...

I'm apparently not the only confused one... an optimistic article with many comments expressing various opinions: