Saturday, April 24, 2010

World Government In Action

Last year, I reported the outrageous claim of Sweden's largest newspaper that the Israeli army was kidnapping Palestinians to harvest their organs. That article was based on uncorroborated Palestinian claims that the paper itself later admitted were mere "suspicions." Another example of the ancient "blood libel" that Jewish ritual demands Christian blood.

Nonsense notwithstanding, Jew hatred is endlessly recycled. Enter the International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD). Despite its high-minded name, the Libya-founded organization is dedicated to equating Zionism and racism (and may still be linked to the Libyan regime). Last year, EAFORD asked for a U.N. Human Rights Commission investigation; now, the U.N. dutifully has republished the spurious claims.

Thus goes your U.N. tax dollar--disseminating baseless hate-speech while censoring well-founded complaints about dictatorial member-states. More reason to ignore the U.N., which is no more moral than its members.

(via reader Marc via NY Daily News)

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant points you make here. You'd think the world would wake up to the consequences of anti-Jewish words and acts, e.g., Islamic people murdering people who are free and creative (and decline to SUBMIT to Islam/Koran)instead of Jewish people inventing and healing. Islam is taking over Europe and other places in the world partly because of the lies and destructive acts of Islamic people. The nonIslamic world should join together to stop the destruction of human liberty and life by Islamic people.