Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

John Hawkins at Right Wing News recently polled right-of-center bloggers on their views on "Famous People on the Right." The results:
Most Popular (Strongly like + like votes)

10) Mark Levin (69)
9) George W. Bush (71)
8) Michele Bachmann (72)
7) Dick Cheney (73)
4) Paul Ryan (74)
4) Sarah Palin (74)
4) Rush Limbaugh (74)
2) Marco Rubio (76)
2) Michelle Malkin (76)
1) Thomas Sowell (80)

Most Unpopular (Strongly dislike + dislike votes)

10) Kathleen Parker (48)
9) Bill O'Reilly: (49)
8) Ron Paul (55)
7) Colin Powell (63)
4) Lindsey Graham (64)
4) David Brooks (64)
4) Pat Buchanan (64)
3) David Frum (67)
2) Arnold Schwarzenegger (69)
1) Meghan McCain (71)
I was among the bloggers polled; except for Sarah Palin's appearance on the first list, my answers aligned nearly perfectly with the final results.

Surf over to Right Wing News and read the whole thing.


OBloodyHell said...

You didn't even like Palin?

bobn said...

How did that POS RINO John McCain not make an appearance?

Carl said...

I used to like Palin. But winners don't quit and quitters don't win, so I rated her "dislike." I rated John McCain the same.

OBloodyHell said...

I've not been able to grasp your position with regards to this. I understand the point, but it doesn't seem to me that it rationally holds together.

She certainly hasn't done a Ross Perot or a Fred Thompson, here. She's stayed in the media's skeet shooting field pretty much the whole time.

I think she made a decision that she would be more of a distraction as governor than was fair to the people of Alaska. I think the fact of those celebrity distractions combined with her governorship duties would also detract from her ability to perform the job of governor. And I think her family was also suffering as a result of this dual challenge (and let's face it, her family life is quite human -- it was far from perfect even before all this crap hit the fan).

So she opted to do what she believed was best for both the people of Alaska and the people around her as well.

I respect her decision and see the possible rightness of it, including the fact that it reflects a degree of personal integrity, regardless of whether I believe I would have made the same choice. It certainly would have been easier to retain the governorship, let it run on autopilot, while she used its bully pulpit to speak out. She saw that she didn't need that pulpit, and it would unfair to keep hold of it just for whatever minor benefit it may provide.

It's not like she's gone into seclusion or something, so it's not like she's just up and quit. She's just taken some control over the anarchy in her life due to too much going on around her.

And that's why I don't see how your "quitter" perception is even vaguely accurate. While it might have been potentially so immediately after the resignation, I don't believe subsequent events have borne it out.

Carl said...

I don't want a skeet shooter. I want a competent leader. She's now a journalist at best.

OBloodyHell said...

> I want a competent leader. She's now a journalist at best.

She's already demonstrated all the chops for THAT job she was going to get in Alaska, and a bonus pair of qualities I've found decidedly lacking in most modern politicians -- character and integrity.

I don't give a rat's patootie what she's doing at the moment.