Thursday, February 18, 2010

Presidential QOTD & Quiz

President Obama last week:
What I have said is that both the House bill and the Senate bill were 90 percent there. Ten percent of each bill, people had some problems with, and legitimately so. So we were just about to clean those up, and then Massachusetts' election happened. Suddenly everybody says, oh, oh, it's over.
Does this mean he didn't know:
A) Massachusetts was holding an election?

B) Any overstretched reform legislation had to be passed in the first year of the new Administration?

C) His proposals were unpopular?


MaxedOutMama said...

On the one hand, one has to admire Obama's dedication to a losing cause. On the other hand, one is forced to admit that he doesn't learn well.

Neither of the bills would actually have lowered medical costs, so the stated purpose of these "reforms" was violated.

But it does not truly matter, mon cher - the Eurocrisis has just written a big X mark over US plans for a new New Deal. US borrowing costs will go up within a year.

Carl said...

You're right about cost control. I keep meaning to do a post about the Small Bill. Although I'd eliminate the tax credit (reducing income taxes to make the change revenue neutral), I like most of this.

We have to reform entitlements -- notwithstanding the apparent belief of progressives that the Iraq war drives spending.

OBloodyHell said...

> On the other hand, one is forced to admit that he doesn't learn well.

He's a liberal.

I cite again a point I've made here and elsewhere. If you want to know a single, solitary quality which applies to liberals, it's an almost complete lack of Wisdom (or "common sense") -- that is, the ability to learn from experience.

IQ is the ability to learn from books. Wisdom is the ability to learn from mistakes. To see mistakes, to analyze them, and to determine rules for living which helps one avoid making them again. With greater wisdom, one need not make mistakes one's self, but can learn from the mistakes of others.

If you created a test to measure "Wisdom Quotient" (WQ) much as one measures IQ, I claim that you would find that, while many liberal/lefties/greens can score high on an IQ test, they almost uniformly score in the bottom third on the WQ test. The more left, the more green, the lower the WQ. Most liberals are the WQ version of idiots or worse. Obama's a Wimoron. Pelosi's a flat out drooling Wimbecile, as is the entire Kennedy clan.

This is why they Just Don't Get It when it comes to Communism/Socialism/Collectivism.

It doesn't matter how many times it's been tried and failed. It doesn't matter how much misery, destruction, and death it's at the heart of.

"It's 'supposed' to work. It 'should' work.... clearly, 'it just hasn't been done right'".

Wisdom leads one to grasp that this is actually a correct statement, as long as your definition of "done right" equates to "not done at all". Lack of wisdom leads you to stop at that first, bolded clause and go no further, *ever*.