Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Oceania Was Always At War With Eurasia" of the Day

The Clinton Administration kept America out of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Bush did the same. Last summer, however, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she regretted we weren't an ICC member, suggesting a policy shift.

Thankfully, that seems less likely. Last month, President Obama's Ambassador for War Crimes, Stephen Rapp, conceded that no US president is likely to recommend Senate ratification of the treaty for the "foreseeable future." Rapp referenced "fears that US officials would be unfairly prosecuted." This is no fantasy: such proceedings repeatedly have been threatened.

Joining the ICC would be fatal to "America's leadership role in both the military operations and the political transition" in troubled nations. It also would accelerate "eroding national sovereignty by divorcing the vital link between the law and the people subject to it." Both explain why progressives promote ratification -- to hinder America and punish Americans. Thankfully, the Administration apparently includes some adults.


Marc said...

Thankfully, this decision was not left to Eric Holder.

Carl said...