Sunday, January 10, 2010


As a follow-on to this previous post on Iranian nuclear ambitions, see Christopher Hitchens in Slate on January 4th:
The chance that this is not a militaristic and messianic design intended to harden the carapace of the dictatorship and help extend its powers of regional blackmail seem ridiculously close to zero. Iran has had numberless offers from the West to help it acquire the faculties of peaceful nuclear energy and reduce its wasteful use of oil and gas. If it would permit the most elementary transparency, it could also be enabled to purchase uranium at far less cost on the open market, as other nations do. But the mullahs prefer to risk isolation and sanctions in order to construct off-the-record sites and to conduct deception operations that would be almost pathetically crude if they were not so self-evidently sinister.
See also the January 6th New York Times.

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OBloodyHell said...

Given that they're known to have purchased equipment which has the sole purpose of enriching uranium far, far past the level needed for any commercial power system, there never has, nor should there be, any question in the mind of a vaguely rational person as to what Iran intends with its nuclear program.

Geoffrey Britain said...

Of course, there's no question. Only an agenda could motivate someone to deny Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The most obvious Iranian motivation is Iran's paranoia that someday the US will suddenly decide to 'go Iraq' on them.

The second reason would be regional influence.

The third would be increased latitude in promoting terrorism.

Possibly threatening Europe into gestures of appeasement at the UN, but that's a bit vague as to specific goals.

But again, Iran's acquisition of nukes is not directly a danger, it's the indirect consequences of Iranian nuclear capability wherein the dangers lie.

Carl said...