Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Look at '12

John Hawkins of Right Wing News polled right-of-center bloggers on their preferences for President in 2012. The top response was Sarah Palin. I was among those polled, and didn't select Palin; I chose Tim Pawlenty, who was a distant fifth.

Read the whole thing here.


OBloodyHell said...

I never waste time with speculating this far ahead. The winners are almost never, ever visible that far ahead of time. Too many things happen.

Who the hell would have thought Obama had any serious chance in 2007? As veep candidate, sure -- but as potus? No way.

Likewise, no one saw GWB in 1998, either. And I can recall when Gary Hart was a shoo-in.

Brown is a bright name, as is Barbour and Jindahl. Right now. Who knows what will happen in the next two years to make a complete hash of all that?

Ask me again in 11/2011 who the best candidates are. Right now, it's a total waste of time.

suek said...

Jindahl - attractive though he is - has a natural born problem, I think. While the Dems wouldn't touch it with Obama(and no, I don't intend to get into that!) you can bet they will trot it out with Jindahl. It would be just like them to let it lay until he was nominated at the convention, then come up with a "so solly - can't do that" and leave the GOP in a total mess with no viable candidate.

Why isn't Jim DeMint on the list?

Carl said...

OBH: Of course it's too early; but it's just a poll (BTW, I actually started working for GWB in 1998).

Sue: I like DeMint, but I think him too conservative to be elected President. He's taken positions as Senator (I disagree with some) that would be a tough sell for a President (e.g., school prayer and abortion).

suek said...


You may be right - I don't know. But it still seems to me that his name should be one that's considered. He's been on the right side more than once...!

Carl said...


The February 22nd National Review apparently agrees--they have a very favorable piece (subscription-only), calling DeMint "Senator Tea Party."