Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chortle of the Day

From Pajamas Media's Frank Fleming:
The threat of the so-called "crotch bomber" has led once again to some of America’s worst impulses. Instead of pulling together after these trying events, people are calling for a certain group of people to be singled out and excluded. That group, of course, is our latest scapegoat: terrorists.

People fear terrorists, so they don’t try to understand them and therefore remain ignorant of their ways -- or maybe people are ignorant of terrorists and thus fear them. What is certain is that the combination of fear and ignorance in regards to terrorists leads to hate. Unless the hate leads to the fear and the ignorance -- or it occurs somewhere between the two. Anyway, whenever terrorists are brought up in this country, there is some sort of mixture of fear, ignorance, and hate, and it is eroding America’s soul.

Just listen to the rhetoric we often hear about terrorists:

"We should lock up terrorists."

"Terrorists shouldn’t be in this country."

"I hope the government is keeping a close watch on terrorists."

"We should hunt down and kill terrorists."

"I hope this restaurant doesn’t serve terrorists."

"Terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to vote."

"I don’t want my daughter marrying a terrorist."

Does any of that sound familiar? Of course it does. Those are the same hateful things that used to be said about many other minority groups. It’s almost like we’re regressing. Any day now, there’ll probably be a proposal for America to have separate drinking fountains for terrorists.
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OBloodyHell said...

Indeed. Terrorists are people, too.

Frothing mad, murderous, lunatic people, but still, in the end, people.

We must keep this in mind as we hunt the motherless $%&&^#%#$$#@@ pig-f***ers down and eradicate them from existence, and kill them without rancor.

Carl said...

I'm optimistic Obama's finally recognizing the importance of the terrorist threat, even if the Dems aren't yet sure how to react.

OBloodyHell said...

> I'm optimistic Obama's finally recognizing the importance of the terrorist threat, even if the Dems aren't yet sure how to react.

Carl, you presume the object isn't the destruction of the eeevil Amerikkka at every turn.

I assume such destruction is. I grasp what postmodernism is, which is an unqualified, suicidal effort to destroy the legacy of Greek history, reason, and philosophy bequeathed to Europe, and, by descent, to America and, by extension, to the world.

It's not an inherent part of this piece (which I've noted a number of times in the past), but, if you read it with that in mind, you can see how it explains the conversion of classical liberalism to postmodern liberalism, and explains all the efforts of postmodern liberalism since WWI.

Consider carefully what the memes underlining postmodernism do, which I argue is an effort to destroy and make invalid all the notions of Truth, Reasoning, and Scientific Methodology which developed from Classical Greek thought.

Obama is engaged in a Cloward-Piven strategy, and ignoring the barbarians at the gates is certainly a part of the Obama strategy, though not officially a part of basic C-P.

The Dems/lefties did exactly the same when the barbarians were the dictators of the USSR, they are simply transferring the "live and let live" ignorance/cluelessness onto them (cluelessness in the hoi-polloi, ignorance -- as in deliberately ignoring, in the leaders).

I suspect, left to their own, then you may expect, as the danger heats up, to hear the same "They'll win, it's inevitable!! Give up and surrender to them!" that they were busy espousing in the 70s (you can hear the faint echo of that in what they do now, but it's not overt just yet).

Neither Obama, nor the Dem leadership, are going to "recognize the threat, and formulate a plan".

They have no intention of doing ANYTHING but obstruct any and all efforts to deal with the barbarians.

If you look carefully, you should be able to see this in virtually everything they do, from multiculti PC garbage to rejection of sensible, rational rules regarding "discrimination" and terrorists or criminals... from closing Gitmo and ending military tribunals for war criminals (and operating outside Geneva mandates IS BY DEFINITION a war crime) in favor of "civilian prosecutions" for same.

I believe you make the mistake of assuming the majority of them are pro-America at heart, because you can't see, honestly (and correctly, I believe), how anyone even vaguely rational could not be. The mistake is in assuming
a) That they are "vaguely rational"
b) That the ones who are acting against their own vested interests as Americans and the parents of Americans are capable of the kind of critical thinking which reveals such information to them.

OBloodyHell said...

P.S. -- Indeed, "We have met the enemy, and he is us". The greatest danger to the future of the USA is within.