Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nonsense of the Day

Many on the left fear righties as religious fanatics. President Bush, they wrongly insisted, claimed to have invaded Iraq on instructions from above. Yet progressives have been complacent about Iran, opposing efforts to halt that country's apparent efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Should they seek an actual religious zealot, lefties need look no further than the Arab news service Al Arabiya's December 7th story:
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he has documented evidence that the United States is doing what it can to prevent the coming of the Mahdi, the Imam that Muslims believe will be ultimate savior of mankind, press reports said Monday.

"We have documented proof that they [U.S.] believe that a descendant of the prophet of Islam will raise in these parts [Middle East] and he will dry the roots of all injustice in the world," the hard-line president said, addressing an audience of families of those killed during the 1980’s war against Iraq.

"They have devised all these plans to prevent the coming of the Hidden Imam because they know that the Iranian nation is the one that will prepare the grounds for his coming and will be the supporters of his rule."
Remind me why those still favoring nuke negotiations with Iran think we can trust Ahmadinejad? The same reason they thought Bush = Hitler perhaps?


Marc said...


Please send me an email. My email program self destructed and I can get your address by clicking the link on the NOfP page.

- Marc

A Typical Libtard said...

> The same reason they thought Bush = Hitler perhaps?

Thought? What is this thing you call, "thought"?

Pfeh! It really, really sounds quite disgusting and menial, and I'll have nothing to do with it!