Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ten Least Favorite Lefties

John Hawkins of Right Wing News polled right-of-center bloggers for their least favorite people on the left. The results are here: Nancy Pelosi came in first; President Obama was second.

I was among the bloggers polled. My unranked list of least respected lefties is:

Barack Obama
Helen Thomas
Katie Couric
Rep. Henry Waxman
Rep. Jerrold Nadler
Al Gore
Michael Moore
Rep. Barney Frank
Andrew Sullivan
Sen. Pat Leahy

Read the full results here.


Bob in Los Angeles said...

How does his list compare to the lefties list of least respected, most respected lefties?

Anonymous said...

The fact that Charles Johnson got four votes shows the sorry state of the right-of-center blogosphere. Don't toe the precise ideological line and some popular blogs label you a hard leftist.

OBloodyHell said...

Why in God's name did you leave off Pelosi? I don't think that much of Couric but she's just a noisebox. She can't overtly f*** things up. Ditto Thomas. They're both like Matthews and the rest of the Leftmedia. Gnats buzzing around the turd in amazed awe. The people they misinform for the most part wouldn't Get It if you wacked 'em with a shovel made of It. It's the Libtard Way.

> some popular blogs label you a hard leftist.

Not really up on that matter, but RINOs are in many ways worse than Lefties. I know how to count Lefties. RINOs are taking up votes an actual conservative should be getting for the most part... it should be why they got elected (If someone voted for Johnson because of the lefty part of his views, then by all means, let them vote Dem instead, then we'll have an accurate assessment of how many people support the ideology instead of "leaning" one way or the other). RINOs distort the vote improperly, and are one of the chief reasons why the GOP is hemorrhaging voters. If I can't expect my "GOP" representative to actually represent any of my values, how is that rep much different from a Dem?

Why should I vote for either?

I'm flinking sick and damned tired of hearing about some ridiculously, insanely left-leaning bill passing because a dozen ersatz GOP voters got behind it and added their votes to it.

I'm not talking about "mildly left" bills, I'm talking about Cap-and-Trade and ObamaCare.

It is blatantly clear that the conservative base is VEHEMENTLY against these. There should be NO GOP rep who EVER casts any vaguely positive eye on EITHER of those arenas.

Carl said...

I simply forgot Pelosi. But she'd be lower on my list than anyone except Couric and Thomas.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Anon. Yeah, because getting mentioned, unranked, on 4 out of 50 ballots clearly shows an overwhelming trend, likely to take over the entirety of the right within weeks. Ask Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman how balanced and tolerant the left is about disagreement.

Just. Grow. Up. Gad.

OBloodyHell said...

> Joe Lieberman how balanced and tolerant the left is about disagreement.

LOL. Lieberman disagreed with them on one single issue.

The one they'd gone raving lunatic about.