Monday, October 19, 2009

The Real Reason Obama Won the Peace Prize

Because he tamed the weather in only nine months, as Reuters reports:
Thanks to El Nino, the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season has been the quietest in more than a decade, offering a reprieve for residents in the danger zone and a chance for insurance firms to refill depleted coffers.

With the peak of the season -- late August to mid-October -- now behind, the Atlantic-Caribbean basin has seen just two hurricanes and a total of eight tropical storms.

El Nino, the Pacific warm-water phenomenon that can produce destructive weather in other parts of the world, played a big role in suppressing Atlantic cyclones this year, experts said.

If the full season, which runs from June through November, ended today, it would be the lowest number of storms since 1997. The last time an Atlantic season produced only two hurricanes was 1982.
I'll gladly credit the President with conquering wind, if the Administration only would concede the paucity of evidence for man-made global warming.

(via Planet Gore)

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OBloodyHell said...

> I'll gladly credit the President with conquering wind

I dunno, his foreign policy seems much more like it's breaking wind than conquering it.

You sure you haven't gotten your verbs in error, here?