Saturday, October 10, 2009


From Tom Russell, chief meteorologist at CBS Channel 21 in Harrisburg:
Hey, the weather is changing! Somehow, just in the last week or two, things have gotten rap­idly cooler.

Oh wait, it’s called fall. Seems to happen every year around this time. Funny how weather seems to work in cycles.

We know we had a cooler and wet­ter than average summer. But did you know the June-August 2009 tempera­ture for the whole U.S. was below av­erage?

Yeah, despite the heat waves in the West and Southwest, the North­east had its eighth wettest June-to-August on record.

Does this prove there is no global warming? Of course not, no more than melting ice caps prove it does exist.

Weather changes. It fluctuates minute by minute, hour by hour, weekly, yearly, by decade and by century. Those of us forecasting the stuff daily know what a fickle mistress Mother Nature can be.

So, when I see humans trying to blame weather cycles on something other than nature, I get incensed. I don’t know what’s more arrogant: Saying we caused it or saying we can stop it.

Truth is, we can’t keep a stray shower from ruining your picnic, so how are we going to stop global weather patterns?
See also George Will.

(via Planet Gore)

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