Friday, September 18, 2009

This Week In Climate Change

The Washington Post carries a strangely apologetic skeptical take on global warming. And the New Scientist predicts climate change forecasts "are about to go seriously out of kilter."

Finally, the UN concedes a global treaty isn't possible:
The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Yvo De Boer ruled out the possibility that a "comprehensive" international climate treaty will be ratified at Copenhagen in December.

De Boer, speaking at a press conference during the ongoing Summer Davos in Dalian, Northeast China said it is "impossible to craft and draft" a detailed climate treaty in "the time that remains" to address climate change.

"That is not possible. But it is also not necessary," he said, "I think what Copenhagen has to achieve is a basic political understanding" on the essential issues of climate change.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark in December and expectations were raised that a possible climate treaty could be signed by both developed and developing nations.

There is a gap between developing and developed countries on how much they should reduce their carbon emissions based on the 1990 level.

Developing countries such as China and India have said that developed countries should offer at least a 40 percent reduction by 2020.
So why are we aiming for an agreement to impoverish the West to benefit the developing world? Oh yeah: socialism.

(via Planet Gore)

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