Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Oceania was Always at War with Eurasia" of the Day

According to the Jerusalem Post:
The United States is laying the groundwork for sanctions against Iran after having become increasingly disenchanted with the strategy of engagement, two senior administration officials told Jewish leaders in Washington on Thursday.

William Burns, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, said the Obama administration wants to prepare for sanctions now, so that it will be ready to implement them at the end of the year if it comes to that, and not have to start from scratch at that point.

Top White House Middle East adviser Dennis Ross, appearing beside Burns at the panel discussion with the Jewish leaders, explained that the administration's focus on diplomatic engagement had shifted following the Iranian elections, and indicated that the White House now had a more skeptical view of that approach which could give way to sanctions.
It's about time.

(via Little Green Footballs)


Geoffrey Britain said...

Smoke and Mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

The Obama administration is all talk and nothing but talk.

Israel's on its own...

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I am mildly encouraged that the administration is at least not still selling the idea that all would be well if we would just talk to nutcases.

It's not enough, but hopefully it will limit the damage.

Carl said...


You're probably right, but the relationship will be defined when Israel bombs Iran's nuke facilities, which I expect within a year. Will Obama assist (as Nixon in '73), denounce (as Jimmy Cracked Corn will), or--whatever we do covertly--be satisfied with plausible denyability? I'm somewhat encouraged for the same reason as AVI, but also merely by having the far-tougher Hillary as Sec. State.

Sometimes, "on its own" might not be all bad.

OBloodyHell said...

From before the election:

In a newly released policy brief, he details the following steps:

Under Obama, a first instance means they'll be give a Stern Talking To.

And if they're found to do it again, it will come with a Firm Reprimand.

A third offense will produce a Disappointed Sigh and a Heartfelt Expression of Disappointment.

A fourth occurrence will mean a Long Sit Down Over Tea.

Fifth and Sixth events will result in a Consideration of Sanctions and a Deeper Consideration of Sanctions, respectively.

The seventh time will result in a Public Call For A Committee On Sanctions.

The eighth offense will result in an Open Request For Sanctions and Determined Foot Tapping of Impatience.

Note: Obama has not yet announced how his foreign policy will deal with the Ninth and Tenth events in this sequence, but I think it's clear that, whatever form it takes, he will make a similarly Discerning Show of Determination to express his Supreme Dissatisfaction with the nation in question.


Stage Five.

Carl said...

Now might be a good time for Israel to attack.

OBloodyHell said...

> Now might be a good time for Israel to attack.

What, and have Obama call for sanctions immediately?