Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leftist Media Bias of the Day

From the August 28th LA Times:
President Obama, now summering on the Massachusetts [Martha's Vineyard] island with his family, is still at least a year away from seeing turbines take root anywhere off the U.S. coast, even though his administration promised to make offshore wind a priority and developers are lining up to string wind farms up and down the Atlantic seaboard. . .

Administration officials say the first solar permits won't come until at least next year and the first offshore wind farm is probably a year or two away.

The officials say they've moved quickly to clear the "regulatory underbrush" untended by a George W. Bush administration team that spent little money or effort to develop wind and solar energy on public land.
Call me naive, but I wouldn't have thought it possible to blame President Bush for a problem caused by the Kennedy family, particularly the late sainted Senator Ted. Especially given most windfarms are inefficient, hazardous eyesores.

(via Planet Gore)


Wry Mouth said...

Speaking (sort of) of the environment and Green Jobs (urp)...

The title "Green Jobs Czar" already would make me queasy in at least 3 or 4 ways (being of Russian descent, and a skeptic, and a small govt buff), but the man Van Jones is making me feel positively gut-punched.

This from UCSC:

"If all we do is change how we power the economy but we don't change how we deal with water and waste and food and toxins and each other, here's what you'll have: Solar-powered bulldozers, solar-powered buzz saws that chop down the forest ... biofueled bombers so we can fight wars for lithium for batteries rather than oil for engines," Jones said.

Inside the pro-democracy movement that's trying to become a green economy movement is a deeper seed, said Jones: "A desire to return to the true, right relationship with our mother, the Earth."


His speeches are not much better than college-dorm room soap box monologues, and chock-full of mind-blowing collegiate foolishness (you can't see it above, but he actually used the phrase "brother and sister species" in this speech. yes he did.) AND HE IS PART OF THE GOVERNMENT IN ADVISORY CAPACITY TO THE PRESIDENT.

Please keep an eye on this man.

Gringo said...

Have you seen this video about the view from Ted Kennedy’s porch? Not to mention the difficuty it would create for weekend sailors.

My household electricity comes from wind energy.

suek said...

Breaker breaker!!!!!! Has anyone seen anything about this? (Copied and pasted from a comment on AT)

"From our point of view, here in Alberta, Canada, (I know we don't exists on anyone's radar down in the lower forty-eight which is quite normal) we notice Obama's growing ties to the Middle East and who couldn't notice Obama bowing to the Saudi king. As of yesterday we were your single largest oil supplier, somewhere around 20-25% - not the Middle East at .05% of your oil. However, yesterday here in Alberta, specifically here in my hometown, home of the oil sand the second largest oil reserve on earth, our world changed radically!

Today we wake up to the news China quietly bought into the Oil Sands in a big way - 1.6 billion buying up various oil companies accumulating their masses of oil sands leases which is quickly being followed up by billion more developing oil sands plants with pipelines out to the west coast for shipment to China.

Under previous American administrations our Oil Sands were actually listed as part of America's strategic oil reserve and one in which America paid attention to - today all that changed! I wonder how that happened in America's own backyard? Who took their eyes off the real prize? In your own backyard? China certainly didn't!

What in God's name is going on down your way?"

(heh. word verifier is "alarmem")

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I've seen that regulatory underbrush being eliminated before - in Romania. It means if you are a connected person, things happen for you. That's the Chicago Way, and the way of corrupt kleptocracies the world over. Now coming to a theater near you.

Carl said...

Agreed, especially with AVI. And, suek, I'd be interested in any links supporting that alarming news.

Carl said...

One link here.