Monday, September 07, 2009

Compare & Contrast

Washington Post healthcare columnist/blogger Ezra Klein on September 2nd:
[President Obama] hasn't given a speech on health-care reform.
CBS's Mark Knoller that same day:
Our CBS News tally shows that Mr. Obama has given 27 speeches specifically on his health care objectives. Add in other remarks, events and statements in which he mentioned health care and the number soars to 119.
(via Mickey Kaus)


Anonymous said...

Can't we all just stay healthy and put the healthcare industry out of business?

This healthcare stuff is getting boring.

Maybe it's time to focus on creating jobs that generate products and services that are in demand.

Carl said...

Personally, healthcare insurance is a service I demand. I just want it to be offered competitively, as opposed to sole-source from my employer.