Monday, August 10, 2009

Pelosi and Boxer: Slander of the Grass Roots Lobby

I don't think it is going over too well.

What? You know, the slander of those people beating down the doors of elected representatives this month? The Boxer-Pelosi Slander Train is trying to run the grass roots off the track. And it is getting above-the-fold coverage.

Ok -- time out. Pretty much the only time you and I have to get face time with our representatives is this horrible, hot, humid month of August. Not only do we have to stand in line with a home-made sign, we have to compete with mosquitos for face time with these elected clowns. For the last six months, the air-conditioned, alligator shoe wearing lobbyists in DC have had all the face time. Now it is OUR TURN. There must be a half a million people trying to lobby their representatives right now. It is unprecedented in our nations history.

But, according to Pelosi-Boxer vomitorium: (neatly summed up by Dr. Sanity)
Republican "Mobs", astroturfing, Nazis with swastikas, and "these people are too well-dressed to be genuine protesters" is a case of the leftist projecting their own thuggish motives onto relatively normal Americans who are unhappy with what is going on right now in Washington.
Basically, he says that Pelosi et al. are making this stuff up because it is all they know. Only the left would dream up bussing in rented suits as protestors because they are guilty of it. In any case, if it is true today, there should be some evidence.

So what is the problem? Why am I writing about this? Here is why: There is not one fact, not one piece of evidence, not a single nit to back up their bogus claims, now being repeated in the MSM.

Where is the evidence?

According to the liberal left's accusations, there are a hundred thousand paid protestors, enormous numbers people being bussed in and even across state lines. If that is true, there must be at least one bus driver willing to go on record about his chore. (Are not bus drivers in a union after all?) There must be at least one undercover leftist who has infiltrated the 'mob' and can give the inside scoop. There must be one recorded conversation, one email, or one 'rented suit' willing to go on record about the dirty deed.

There isn't any evidence.

Not a single person, not a single piece of evidence to support the wild, outrageous, slanderous accusations which are not only false but insult the intelligence of nearly every American. I'm no attorney, and perhaps Carl will weigh in the comments, but this sounds a lot like slander to me -- knowingly false accusations.

I hope they keep it up. It is only making this country more determined not to follow President Obama's lead. More determined to throw out Pelosi and Boxer. (Chuck DeVore for United States Senate - 2010) The slander of the grass roots lobby will double the numbers.

MORE: My bad -- the evidence is coming in -- the evidence of a left-wing astroturf phony-outrage, see Hot Air. Also Newsbusters on the Pelosi Paid Protestors?

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bobn said...

Iowahawk is hilarious.

Obama, Pelosi, et. al. are laughable, but not funny. These f***s really are statists of the worst sort.