Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chart of the Day

From Carpe Diem, the huge state-by-state variations in the average annual premium for single health insurance coverage (2006-07):

source: Carpe Diem via America's Health Insurance Plans
(click to enlarge)

Can you say interstate insurance competition? Sure you can.


Thai said...

Great link. Do you have data that breaks this down into how much goes to insurance admin costs by state?

Also, I have been curious to know what the relative state variation attributed to trauma (firearms, alcohol MVC accidents, etc... ), to drugs and alcohol and the state variation in health costs attributed to their obesity.

I know you have posted some stuff on this but have not seen any data that breaks it down by state.

Have you seen any state data on this?

Carl said...

Thanks. The 2008 paper mentioned in the WSJ doesn't address those points. Never looked into such numbers, but I would try NCPA or the Commonwealth Fund.