Friday, July 03, 2009

Suicide Pact

The U.K.'s Royal Society this week published a paper on future electric generation that minimizes carbon emissions and thus prevents rapid climate change. Its conclusion: energy prices are "too low."

A U.K. parliamentary climate change group echoes that analysis, says the BBC, quoting the group's vice chairman, Lord Redesdale:
We can either heat our homes and have hot baths, or fly but not both. There really does need to be much tougher policies on reducing carbon emissions from the homes.
President Obama sounds much the same, promoting similar results.

So a passionate Liberal Democrat and partisan Democrat liberal play-off a pliant media "rigging the debate" to push eco-paternalism. Each seems determined to impoverish its people, pointlessly, to "fix" an un-proven problem.

At least the "special relationship" bonding Britain and America persists: mother country and New World progeny are planning a double funeral.

(via Planet Gore, Wolf Howling, Conservative Grapevine, Doug Ross)


GW said...

I have long seen us as stumbling along the socialist path of the UK, but about three decades behind. Obama is attempting to erase that seemingly overnight. Indeed, with all of his nationalizations, he seems our Clement Atlee. As I recall, the UK didn't do too well under Atlee.

Thank you for the link.

Prozac said...

Well, we might want to wait a bit. They might be on to something, though the whole "impoverish its people" bit is far too worrying for my tastes.

OBloodyHell said...

> They might be on to something

What? LSD? Mushrooms? If they seriously imagine anything but disaster, they gotta be on some kind of serious medication.

bobn said...

Each seems determined to impoverish its people, pointlessly, to "fix" an un-proven problem.

Absolutely true. Utterly unbelievable, but that's what's going to happen unless cooler heads prevail in the Senate.

Carl said...


I didn't think Waxman-Markey would pass the House, so I'm getting more worried about the Senate. Remember--Al Franken is 60 votes.

Carl said...


I fear Obama's more like James Callaghan.