Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Key Developments In Honduras

UPDATE: Zelaya now accused of theft of Millions from Honduras Central Bank. How long can the MSM, the UN, the EU, the OAS and the Obama Administration continue to support former Presidente Zelaya? If the main stream media, the EU, the UN, the OAS and Obama administration called for Rod Blagojevich to be reinstated, how would the people of Illinois react?
There is a lot happening in Honduras right now, and the so-called Main Stream Media is only telling part of the story, as it lobbies for the left. The evidence continues to mount over Zelaya's traitorous acts, Honduras cuts off diplomatic relations as Chavez threatens military action and much, much more:

Zelaya: Massive Vote Fraud in Honduras--Forty five computers were seized, the computers had Zelaya's 'Referendum Results' pre-loaded. We can now add pre-canned vote fraud to the charges pending against former Presidente Zelaya. La Gringa, at Blogcito, a contemporary of NOfP, has a photo of the computers, and has this to say:
Agents of the DNIC (criminal investigation) discovered ballots, computers, and certified vote counts in an office rented by Enrique Flores Lanza, member of Zelaya's mediating team who you may remember made a L. 40 million cash withdrawal from the central bank two days before the election was to occur. The count sheets neatly tallied the yes and no votes, the blank or disqualified votes, and the totals for various mesas (polling places).

You won't be surprised to learn that Zelaya's proposal won heartily with approximately 80% affirmative votes.

Though this find was widely reported in the Honduran media, complete with reporters on the site of the investigation in process, here we are three days later and I'm willing to bet that you haven't heard about it yet from the media in your country.
Isn't it crazy that you have to read this in our tiny blog, and in a New Zealand newspaper?

Chavez Threatens Military Action, Honduras Government Expels Venezuelan Diplomats, Breaks Off Relations--Honduras has had enough meddling from Venezuela, and has expelled Venezuelan diplomats. This is a blow to the Chavez-supported socialist movement in Honduras. Chavez is apparently threatening military intervention to the point that the Honduran Government asked for UN Security Council intervention to respond to Chavez threats.

Honduras Sends Bi-Partisan Delegation to Lobby US--The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that Honduran President Micheletti sent a team of Hondurans to Washington to lobby the Obama administration. The effort is diverse and representative, including a Christian Democrat labor leader, businessmen, soldiers, and a university law professor who is in an opposition party. The main-stream media is still referring to Honduras as a Coup d'etat. Have you ever heard of a 'military coup' that sends bi-partisan delegations anywhere?

Arturo Valenzuela Nomination Withheld over Craptastic Nomination Hearing--Meanwhile, in the United States, it looks like Arturo Valenzuela blew up his nomination to a cushy job in Dept. of State. Boomberg reports that Senator DeMint is blocking his nomination based on his inconsistent answers to questions about Honduras. Bloomberg quotes the same contradictory and ignorant lines quoted in this blog from his nomination interview.

US, UN and EU Continue to Pressure Tiny Honduras--The Obama Administration threatens additional sanctions, Hillary Clinton personally calls President Micheletti to demand Zelaya's return and to warn him of consequences if he dismisses mediation efforts. The UN refuses to recognize Micheletti Administration of Honduras. The EU suspends budget payments.

Meanwhile, Honduras in Final Four of CONCACAF--Honduras advanced to the Final Four at CONCACAF. Honduras plays the United States on Thursday. Good luck to both teams.

Putting It All Together

Honduras is a beacon of democracy, standing firm, shining a blazing light of truth on the UN, the EU and the OAS. Those three organizations demonstrate what little regard they have for democracy and the rule of law. In the meantime, President Obama has been practicing his apology speech all over the world, it is about time he apologizes to the free people of Honduras for his proposal to re-impose a leftist fraud on them. And, La Gringa sums up the main stream media:
How can Honduras get a fair shot if none of the major media outlets are reporting the facts. It is NOT acceptable to dismiss news by saying, "Oh, it's coming out of the Honduran media therefore it must be false." Reporters, come down and find out for yourself, please! Our newspapers have political leanings just like all of yours. That doesn't mean that everything they report is false.
MORE: PJTV has an inside report from Honduras Pajamas Media says worst case outcome is civil war.

Still MORE: For the alternate view from the left wing, read this Huffington Post blog:
"No coup just happens because some politicians and military men decide one day to simply take over" says White upon hearing who Davis is working for. "Coups happen because very wealthy people want them and help to make them happen, people who are used to seeing the country as a money machine and suddenly see social legislation on behalf of the poor as a threat to their interests. The average wage of a worker in free trade zones is 77 cents per hour."
The author is blaming wealth for a "coup" (which didn't happen). The author says that one lobbyist paid for by a big company is evidence of a massive right wing dictatorship. If that is true then what does that say about the lobbying system in the United States? I'd like to spend an entire post dissecting the HuffPo blogger. It would give me great pleasure. He has one point that I agree with though -- socialism is a barrier to free trade. Just ask anyone from the former Soviet Union.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

I read some comments at the HuffPo link. There are many accusations that conservatives jump to conclusions too quickly. Well, true, but that's rather a pot-and-kettle situation.

I was impressed with how strong the template was independent of the facts. The US has always supported right-wing elites gouging the poor throughout Latin America, therefore that must be what the conservatives are advocating now. Powerful, wealthy forces must be behind the "coup." Such template-driven thinking is hardly absent from conservative commenters, but the ubiquity of it there was impressive. There was also a laudable effort to argue the Zelaya-reinstatement side from the Honduran constitution. But even I am now aware of parts left out of that advocacy and I am certainly no expert.

Most fascinating seems to be the unwillingness to let the new Honduran government tell its side in an international forum. The UN, OAS, and EU have all made their decisions already. Contrast this with events in many nations in the ME - Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt - where international groups are reluctant to make definitive statements.

OBloodyHell said...

nice piece, bob.

Bob in Los Angeles said...

Thank you OBH

AVil -- I am in shock at what is happening in the OAS, the UN and the EU fora. The Honduras situation has truly opened my eyes to the nature of these organizations.
Justice isn't blind, it is in the eye of the beholder.

All the left wing bloggers are ignoring the fact that the democratically elected representatives in Honduras are acting in unanimity -- and so is the supreme court. Are they saying the capitalists are bribing all of them?

I am sorely tempted to go to Honduras and blog from there for a few days. Carl can't get away. Who is with me? Anyone?

OBloodyHell said...

> I am sorely tempted to go to Honduras and blog from there for a few days. Carl can't get away. Who is with me? Anyone?

You buying? :oP