Sunday, July 19, 2009

Follow-Up on Firearms

According to the July 17th Washington Times:
It's been a year since a Northwest D.C. housewife carried a Ruger .357 Magnum into police headquarters in a blue plastic grocery bag and became the District's first legal handgun owner since the Supreme Court overturned a decades-old ban.

Today, Amy McVey's handgun is one of just 515 that have been legally registered with the Metropolitan Police Department -- a number that pales compared with more than 2,000 illegal weapons that have been seized in the same period.

She hasn't had to use it to defend her home. Nor has anyone attempted to steal it and use it against her or to commit some other crime -- undermining the most widely used arguments for and against permitting guns.

In fact, police say they have no information that would indicate any gun legally registered since July 17, 2008, has been fired by its owner in defense of life or property, or that one has been stolen or used in the commission of a crime. . .

During the year residents have been allowed to register guns, preliminary police statistics say violent crime and property crime have gone down citywide -- a modest decline that even the most ardent gun rights advocate would have difficulty attributing to legal gun ownership. Police also say they have seized more than 2,000 illegal guns from D.C. streets in the last year.

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said the fears of gun-control advocates -- that having more guns would lead to increased gun violence -- were unfounded.

"All the handgun bill people's predictions have proved to be wrong," Mr. LaPierre said.
Two such erroneous predictions were by the WaPo's Eugene Robinson (understated), and an anonymous commenter on my post-Heller post:
I wonder how you will feel when you read the new statistics on "accidental" gun deaths and suicides. Do you think there might be some changes in those numbers in the future after this assinine Supreme Court decision is implemented?
Answer: just fine.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

There is an odd psychological speculation that isn't often pursued, because gathering evidence for it would be difficult. But ever since I read an anti-gun editorial 20 years ago, in which the young man bought a gun and found himself fantasising about its power to take the life of another person, I have wondered if this is really what liberals are telling us. They don't see it themselves of course - they say it's us they don't trust, plus all those people of color they're thinking about when they nervously refer to "urban crime." But perhaps it is themselves they don't trust. They sense their own anger, fear where that might go, and project it onto others.

OBloodyHell said...

> and project it onto others.

AVI, as Dr. Sanity has noted many times, projection is one of any number of immature psychological defenses which liberals have never thrown off or grown beyond.

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